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Founded in 1978, Oregon women in timber (OWIT) is a state-wide, non-profit educational organization of volunteers who are dedicated to sustained yields of multiple-use forest. OWIT’s purpose is to inform people of the importance of such forests to our economy and our environment. We strive to make consumers aware of just how important trees and wood products are in their lives and how all of us rely on the success of producers.


OWIT’s activities vary from chapter to chapter and are too numerous to mention in detail. Following are some of our main activities to give you a general idea of what we are up to:

School programs: Today’s children will decide the future of the Forest Products Industry. Educating children is OWIT’s main goal. One way this goal is achieved is through our Talk About Trees forest educational programs. See our Talk About Trees brochure.

Civic Events, Fairs and Parades: Look for Coni-Fir, our popular lady in a tree costume. Coni-Fir participates in as many public activities as time will allow. OWIT strives to reach as many people as possible with booths, parade floats and Coni-Fir. OWIT believes that education should also be fun!

Media Coverage: Whenever possible, OWIT uses articles in social media, newspapers, magazines, miscellaneous publications and radio to educate the public about current issues relating to the Forest Products Industry. Maybe you have seen or heard of us recently!

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OWIT is always in need of fresh ideas and more volunteers. Your involvement can be great or small depending on your interest and time. Please consider volunteering, or just join OWIT to stay informed on current issues and OWIT activities. You’ll receive a regular OWIT electronic newsletter that keeps members up to date. Your financial support will also be greatly appreciated and used directly towards the achievement of OWIT goals. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


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Membership Dues are $40/year. Membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Contact us with any questions.


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