OWIT Auction – Results

The auction was a great success! Thank you everyone for all your help and support.

Here are the results:

Wine Wall $1320
Partners in Education $7200
Heads & Tails $1800
Rifle Raffles $5000
Tickets & Table sales $22900
Direct Donations $16377
Silent Auction $17403
Live Auction $33175
Grand Total $105,175

Now remember we will have about $30,000 to $40,000 in expenses after we pay all the bills, but that will leave us with around $70,000 for Talk About Trees! That is up about $15,000 from last year!

The Remington Model 700 SPS 7MM Remington Mag was won by Ed Steigerwaldt from Tomahawk Wisconsin. He attended the auction and sat at the Barnes & Associates Table from Roseburg. The Savage Model 16, 243 with Nikon Scope was won by Garry Burnett from Deadwood Oregon. He purchased his ticket at the OWIT booth out at the fairgrounds during the Logging Conference. The Partners in Education raffle was won by Judy Nygaard. The prize was a $1000 Visa Card.

It usually takes about a month after the auction to collect all the money and pay all the bills, so watch for our next newsletter, which will go out in April with the final results!

Have a great March everyone!

Diann Washburn
Auction Chair
Oregon Women in Timber

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