2017 Talk About Trees Annual Auction Results

2017 Talk About Trees Annual Auction Results

On behalf of the Talk About Trees forest education program and Oregon Women in Timber, thank you for your support of the 2017 Talk About Tree Annual Auction. The event was a great success! We had over 400 people in attendance, bringing in close to $90,000 dedicated to Talk About Trees, our statewide forest education… Continue Reading

Fall Owtings

Wrapping Up Another Wonderful Year! 2013 is about to close, but before it does we want to thank you all for another wonderful year. We look forward to 2014 and the many possibilities we can accomplish in forestry education! Read more about what we’ve been up to this fall and what we are looking forward… Continue Reading

Action Alert: Improve the Health of Eastern Oregon’s Rural Communities and Federal Forests

From our Friends at Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities It’s time for a permanent and comprehensive solution that improves the health of Eastern Oregon’s rural communities and federal forests. Eastern Oregon’s forests are overly dense, unhealthy and highly vulnerable to devastating crown fires due to a lack of active forest management.  Meanwhile, food stamp use and… Continue Reading

Video :: Powered by Oregon: Wood Biomass

Sawdust, chips and other residual material left over from logging, mill processing or forest restoration can be used to create clean energy in Oregon. Woody biomass can provide heat, electricity and liquid fuel. But it can also help give us healthier forests and healthier communities. This 9-minute video explores the uses and potential of woody… Continue Reading